Established in 2003, Clear2There has positioned themselves as a diverse provider of video surveillance products and services. Clear2There video surveillance specializes in high-quality, competitively priced video surveillance solutions. Whether you are looking for an entry-level surveillance solution or a multi-site enterprise level solution, Clear2There can help. Clear2There offers a full line of analog and IP cameras, including waterproof options, hybrid recording solutions and accessories including a clear night camera that delivers full color images in extreme low light conditions with minimal blur.

In recent years, Clear2There has been refocused to incorporate the use of audio collaboration through its subsidiary C2T, Inc. As an innovative, full-service provider of video surveillance equipment and related devices including sensors and applications, Clear2there focuses on safety, quality, and total customer satisfaction. The Clear2There team works with partners as well as end users to design, specify and quote all of their jobs correctly and efficiently. At Clear2There, no job is complete until total satisfaction has been achieved.

In addition to a full range of products available to suit a variety of needs within any premise, Clear2there is the exclusive provider of Viewbiquity Cloud Interface (VCI) solutions. VCI has the ability to enhance an entire portfolio by connecting mission critical business processes at a fraction of today’s cost – via the World Wide Web. Viewbiquity Cloud Interface (VCI) is an open architecture machine-to-machine (M2M) platform that nearly eliminates the need to invest in costly network and server equipment. A cloud-based solution, VCI connects people, video, machines, and applications thus increasing the efficiency in which information is analyzed and acted upon.

Clear2There also provides their InfiniVi solution for large video storage server capacities. InfiniVi servers have the capability of integrating petabytes (1000 terabytes) of storage for recording multi-location NVRs, in addition to continuous video recording and archiving of video for extended periods of time for required needs such as policy compliance. Each system offers full redundancy on all equipment and storage components.

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