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Hosted & Premises Based Cloud Wireless Network Solutions

A Complete WiFi Wireless Network Platform Designed Specifically To Transform Your Business.

Transform your business with cloud wireless network services from Trans-West. With our CloudWiFi solutions your business will benefit from increased business profitability and efficiency along with a reduction in costly network equipment and maintenance costs!

Utilizing CloudWiFi (a cloud wireless network) analytics to provide your customer with a better user experience or monetize your WiFi service with push notifications and valuable coupons. With wireless network services you can expect to streamline each customers transaction as well as increase your customer loyalty and patronage!

Learn Some Sensible Suggestions For “Best Practices” When Deploying Wireless Network Services!

This great white paper from our partners at Ruckus Wireless discusses coverage, capacity, security, outdoor deployments, and interference. In short, it provides some very handy guidelines for successfully implementing a wireless enterprise!

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Learn About SDN Coordination & Optimization with cloud wireless networks!

This great white paper provides a very interesting twist on traditional SDN implementations. It shows how a centralized controller can be used to orchestrate a complex MPLS WAN. It introduces several new protocols and acronyms too!

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Read About DevOps & How It Relates to Network Administration!

This paper examines the rapidly growing topic of DevOps, and their relation to network administration. Our larger and highly sophisticated customers, especially data centers, are using network automation to simplify the deployment and management of network resources. Could your company benefit?

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Cloud Exchange: An Evolutionary Approach to Highly Scalable, Flexible, and Profitable Cloud Connectivity Services

This paper reviews Cloud Exchange business opportunities for colocation and service providers and provides a blueprint for constructing highly adaptable and programmable network fabrics that deliver elastic connectivity to a wide range of cloud-based resources.

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OpenConfig: Next-Generation Network Configuration

Trans-West Network Solutions support for OpenConfig and other emerging models brings the vision of vendor-neutral, programmable network infrastructure closer to reality.

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CloudWiFi Features for Everyone

  • Free consultation and WiFi design
  • Secure Wireless Across ALL Devices
  • LOW density WiFi up to 100 simultaneous clients and 500 Sq. Ft. RF coverage
  • MEDIUM density WiFi up to 250 simultaneous clients 1500 Sq. Ft. RF coverage
  • HIGH user density WiFi up to 500 simultaneous clients 2000 Sq. Ft. RF coverage
  • Centralized Wireless Reporting
  • Full control of your wireless access
  • Firewall and Unified Threat Services
  • 24/7 Maintenance and Support
  • And much more!

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