Education and School Phone Systems

Education And School Phone Systems From Trans-West Network Solutions Offer ALL The Technology Your School Needs

Is the current need for faster/reliable Wi-Fi driving you crazy? Are you needing an IT Department but can’t justify that salary? Are you looking to augment your existing IT Staff by out-sourcing some of the work? The team of experts on staff at Trans-West are here to help you!

Trans-West offers education and school phone systems with data & voice over IP solutions that help teachers focus on teaching while boosting overall productivity. Your school will be able to better manage your IT and voice communications environment through the reporting and support that Trans-West offers. At Trans-West, we understand that you need to control expenses, maintain a reliable network, secure student information, improve accessibility, and limit access by unauthorized users along with managing access to domains/destinations for some users. We offer a wide range unique and customizable education and school phone system solutions to fit your institution’s needs.

Trans-West Network Solutions has extensive experience and success with the FCC’s E-Rate program. More schools than not lack the Wi-Fi capability to use 21st-century education tools, according to a statement from the FCC. Trans-West is well informed and will continue to stay focused on the FCC rulings and decisions on the long-awaited E-rate modernization plan. We have successfully navigated the complex business requirements of the E-Rate program. As your technology  partner we will be there for each step along the way to ensure that you can take advantage of the essential benefits of this very complex program. We can offer Mohave and State contract pricing to save you time and money on your purchases from Trans-West Network Solutions.

education and school phone systems

Case Study: Peoria Unified School District

Ed Martin, Telecommunications Supervisor