Lenovo was founded in 1984 by Liu and a group of 10 engineers in Beijing, China. The name means association or “connected thinking” but it can also imply creativity. The original name of the company was Legend, but the name was abandoned when the company decided to expand their business out of China due to the fact that the name was already in use by many other companies worldwide. The company became publicly traded after 1994.

Their first major success was a circuit board that would enable IBM compatible PC’s to process Chinese Characters. The Tianxi, another of their designs, made it easy for inexperienced Chinese consumers to use computers and access the internet with the touch of a button. It became the best-selling computer in Chinese history during the year 2000. In 2005, Lenovo acquired IBM’s Personal Computer division including their laptop and tablet lines which made them the third largest computer maker worldwide by volume. In November of 2009, they purchased back their smartphone and tablet division, which they had sold in 2008, and provided further funding for application development. Lenovo subsequently entered the smartphone market in 2012 and quickly became the largest vendor of smartphones in China.

Lenovo is currently a multinational computer technology company responsible for the design, development, manufacturing and selling of Personal Computers, tablets, servers, workstations, Smart Phones, electronic devices, IT management software and Smart Televisions. They have operations in more than 60 countries and their products are sold worldwide.

In addition to their Beijing, China headquarters, their U.S. headquarters are currently located in Morrisville, N.C. They also have principal facilities with research centers in Singapore and Japan. Lenovo also operates a joint venture with EMC (formerly IOMEGA brand) selling network attached storage solutions and NEC which produces personal computers for the Japanese Market.

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