See What LifeSize Cloud Can Do For You

LifeSize Cloud delivers a connected experience to anyone, on any device. Perhaps you are familiar with GoToMeeting©, BlueJeans© or other complicated web conferencing services. How many buttons did you need to push to join a meeting? Did you feel there was an over abundance of steps needed before you could connect?

With the LifeSize Icon room video systems and LifeSize Cloud, it’s one click and you’re in — almost as easy as meeting in real life. In fact, having a meeting with LifeSize Cloud is as easy as using your smartphone:

  1. Launch the LifeSize Cloud app
  2. Click on people’s names in the directory
  3. The meeting begins—instantly

Only LifeSize has the capability of delivering end-to-end cloud based video conferencing that is as easy and as lifelike as meeting in person. LifeSize offers award winning
room video systems and mobile apps so that everyone, regardless of location, is just one video call away from being a part of the meeting.

Simply put, LifeSize Cloud is the simplest most collaborative video conference solution there is. For example, say you reach out to someone just to ask a simple question and then decide to escalate that call to a video conference. Then maybe you decide you need to pull in other people so that a decision can be made. With LifeSize you can do it all, and you can do it in an instant. LifeSize Cloud won’t constrain you with all the steps it usually takes to schedule a meeting. Instead, users can call who they want, when they want, how they want—and connect instantly. LifeSize Cloud has reinvented how easy it is for people to have a video conference and Trans-West has all the tools and expertise to help.